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Check out the local attractions and benefit from our discount!


Become the champion of the team, ride with colleagues in a dizzy kart race! And for co-mad’s friends a discount is also provided.

Horseback Riding

Our friends at will help you spend a great day.

Mineral Pool

Want to swim in peace? Our friends from Simitli invite you to relax in the mineral spring waters of the town.

Escape Room

The HUT Blagoevgrad – resolve the complex puzzles and discover the detective within yourself. Visit the whole team for maximum enjoyment.


The town is situated at the foot of Mount Rila. Nestled at its skirts, it provides breathtaking views of its visitors.


In close proximity to the co-mad building. Derby with colleagues and why not against the team of the village of Zheleznitsa!


In case you fall with your team in extreme sports, near the co-mad you can take advantage of rafting along the Struma river.

Ski School

Get ready for adventures on the track! In the vicinity of co-mad you can practice your skiing skills.

Rila Monastery

Get to know Bulgaria! Within minutes from co-mad is the Rila Monastery, impressive with its architecture and atmosphere.

Did we mentioned about the nightlife?

If your team loves to party, Blagoevgrad is the place! Clubs, bars, restaurants and many more… only 5 min away from co-mad!