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24/7 Access

At co-mad, we provide you with full access, 24 hours a day, to have your time as you like and not to worry when you'll be back.


We provide standard office equipment - a scanner, printer, and most of all - ergonomic office chairs!

Kitchen & Bar

You have fully equipped kitchens as well as a bar with hot, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

Free parking

There is no need to worry about where to leave your car, from co-mad we provide space just outside the entrance.

Open space

In addition to the interior, co-mad also provides you with a garden area where you can enjoy the crystal clear air.


Work and have fun during the day. and rest in our fully-equipped rooms for the night.

High speed Wi-Fi

We know how important you are to fast and uninterrupted internet, so we have secured reliable and high-speed routers.

Positive Vibes

Above all, co-mad will charge you with positive emotions and memories to make you come back again and again ...

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Express escape from the noise of the big city and routine in the traditional office. The option is suitable for holding one-day in-company seminars, presentations, trainings or simply changing the working environment without overnight.

Excellent opportunity for you or the entire team to improve your workflow and look at tasks from a different perspective. Ideal opportunity for an intensive work session, an internal two-day hacking or so- company retreat. Price for one night in co-mad for teams up to 21 people. It does not include food, but there are drinks and small snacks that are free.

The favorite choice of digital nomads and all the professionals who know that full concentration on work is achieved in peace. That’s why this option is extremely suitable for work, brainstorming, teambuilding, and more. Includes 3 overnights per week for teams up to 21 people. Does not include food, but drinks and small snacks are provided free of charge.

To complete your projects successfully, combine the useful with the nice and build an excellent team. For weekend stays, reservations are made based on current employment. Call us if you want to include weekends in your stay.

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