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Co-mad is the first coworking & coliving space in Bulgaria and has already established itself as a preferred place for generating new ideas, fruitful work and bringing together small and large teams from home and abroad.

The innovative idea of creating such a place in the country, following the worldwide tendencies for remote work in the nature with the possibility of exchange of experience and inspiration, was born in 2015. Then the co-mad creators Todor Vasev and Daniel Ivanov find the most suitable space for developing their business ventures and discovering that not only overseas, co-working and co-living are the preferred way of working and living in the millennium.

The results achieved in just two years, and the collaborations we have made, make us believe that good ideas need a good ground to germinate and work hard to give fruit. Therefore, we continue to provide the most convenient solutions for our customers. Our mission is to maintain an atmosphere of “thriving” of ideas, in a place where the process of fulfilling daily duties becomes a pleasure.

Todor Vassev

Founder of co-mad

Co-founder of co-mad


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