Let us specify the details on your stay at co-mad and all the opportunities the co-living and co-working space offers for team-buildings, hackathons and seminars. Here we go!

What is co-mad?

Co-mad is an inspiring co-working and co-living space situated in the heart of nature. It combines the successful co-working model with the co-living space comfort. Co-mad provides 24 hour working environment access because sometimes the workflow takes more than 8 hours.

How to get to co-mad?

Located in a picturesque area along the Struma River, at the village of Zheleznitsa, Blagoevgrad, co-mad is still just an hour drive from Sofia. For an additional fee, we can provide an airport shuttle or other transport from Sofia to co-mad.

How many persons can be accommodated?

Co-mad can accommodate up to 21 persons in 6 double and triple rooms.

What does the co-working space offer?

Bring your desktop computers, so we will provide proper conditions for their use, including: monitors (27 inches), keyboards, mice and other peripherals. The ergonomic office chairs that we have are suitable for long working days. In co-mad you can find a projector and a perfect hall for presentations, seminars and internal hackathons. If you wish to make a conference call, you can do it, undisturbed, peacefully lying on a bean bag in the garden or in your own room.

Do you have a graphic and / or other software that I can use?

The space does not have a graphic and / or other software. For an additional fee, we can provide a licensed software. 

How to chill out at co-mad?

  • Co-mad has a separate space where you can have a cup of coffee between the working sessions.
  • There is also a large garden where you can sit comfortably on a bean bag and focus on tasks or relax, listening only to the murmur of the river.
  • You can also relax, sharing a hookah with the other residents.

WARNINGDrinking alcohol is prohibited at the office area!
Co-mad advises: Consume responsibly! 

What does the co-living space offer?

Our staff is always at your disposal if your room and / or space needs to be cleaned. You can determine in advance the days in which you want your bed to be changed. Each room has a private bathroom. There are also bathrooms in the work space and at the restaurant area.

Where can I park my car?

Co-mad has a free parking for more than 8 vehicles.

What about the food?

  • Coffee break, water, juices, soft drinks, sweets and crackers are included in the price of your stay. The coffee corner is always open.
  • Co-mad has a fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare your own menu for the day. If you do not want to do the cooking, our professional chef will prepare a three course mealaccording to your requirements and needs.
  • We understand that everyone has different desires and taste requirements. Only 5 min. walking from the space, there is a restaurant of Master Miro. 5 min. drive from co-mad will take you to the town of Blagoevgrad. There are a plenty of restaurants.

What is nearby?

  • Co-mad is located in the beautiful scenery of the Rila Mountain. The place can be a starting point for many tourist routes.
  • There are many places nearby worth seeing: Rila MonasteryStobs Pyramids, Tserovo Fortress, Devil’s Water Falls and the Blagoevgrad Zoo.
  • As a guest of co-mad you can take advantage of the attractions in the region – rafting, horseback riding, karting, aqua park, soccer fields, escape room, ski slope and many more.
  • There are many small shops nearby that offer everything you need.

What kind of working sessions take place in co-mad?

  • Visit co-mad and escape from the big city noise and the traditional office routine. The coworking space is perfect for hosting one-day seminars, presentations and training.
  • Co-mad is the place where you can upgrade your team work. The coworking and coliving space is suitable for hackathons, intensive working sessions and company retreat.
  • The space gives you a full concentration needed to complete a project. Co-mad welcomes workation, brainstorming, team buildings, etc.

Why visiting co-mad?

  • To focus on your work and stop dealing with everyday household problems such as paying bills, cleaning, traffic jams, parking, etc.
  • To improve teamwork and to grab a different view of the working process and the motivation.
  • To be a part of a community that shares interesting ideas and discuss various cases.
  • To complete successfully an important project or to create a new strategy for your business.
  • Because you are a workaholic who loves nature.

Can I come alone?

The price of co-mad services is suitable for groups of 5 to 21 people, but you can come alone and join any of our events.

If we are a group, will there be other people at the space except us?

The space is provided exclusively only to you and your team. If you wish, you can invite your business associates and / or companies you work with. You define the work procedures.

Can I bring my pet along?

  • Yes, as long as it is friendly and harmless and does not interfere your workflow.
  • The area has a large garden and a dog that is eager to become friend with your pet.

What kind of packages do you offer?

The packages we offer are:

  • Coworking office* (office in nature): You can use the coworking space and all the supplies for your workflow. The coffee corner is also at your disposal. Price: 100 EUR VAT incl.
  • 1 day at co-mad*: 1 night and 2 working days included. You can use all the supplies for your workflow. The coffee corner is also at your disposal. Price: 150 EUR VAT incl.
  • 3 days at co-mad*: 3 nights and 4 working days included. You can use all the supplies for your workflow. The coffee corner is also at your disposal. Bonus: discount from the standard price for a “day in co-mad”. Price: 400 EUR VAT incl.
  • Weekend at co-mad*: If you wish to use the space Friday, Saturday and Sunday, reservations should be made in advance. Ask for a price at tel : 0999 009 006.

If you want to rent our coworking and coliving space for a longer period, shoot us an email
*IMPORTANT: All the packages are suitable for up to 21 persons!

Percentage discount for more persons?

  • No, there is no discount for more reservations.
  • There is no limit to the number of visitors.
    For example, one day you can be a team of 15, and the other day – 6 persons. In the evening you can invite the other colleagues from the office so they will feel the comfort of our space. You rent the whole space and you determine who, when and how much they are going to stay.

Percentage discount for longer stay?

Depending on the other reservations, it is possible to make discounts for longer periods. Please make a request via

Are there any other discounts?

  • Eleven 11 members has 11% discount. Please request in advance that you are members of eleven.
  • Co-mad partners enjoy the space with personal discount.

Can you make a reservation and pay online or cash upon your arrival? Do you have POS terminal?

  • The payment is made by bank transfer or cash during / or after the end of your stay.
  • Advance payment of 20% for short stays and 50% for stays longer than 3 days is required. The rest is paid after the end of your stay.
  • We do not have POS terminal, but we can provide such if it is requested in advance.


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