The Digital Nomad And His Never Ending Journey

The Digital Nomad And His Never Ending Journey

You have probably heard about the nomadic tribes in the past. You know that they didn’t lead sedentary lifestyles and they were moving from one place to another. Furthermore, I’m sure you know that hunting was an important activity to ensure their living. Well, even if you don’t know, it’s not scary, after all we have Wikipedia!

08 But do you know what is the digital nomad? They, like nomads in the past, don’t stay in one place. Their way of living resembles to the nomads, mostly because of the hunting. Yes the digital nomad is also a hunter – he hunts ideas! He travels around the world with his cool weapons – laptop, mobile phone, tablet or whatever he has decided to include in his arsenal. The digital nomads aren’t tourists, they are freelancers – programmers, developers, QA professionals, designers, marketers or bloggers (writers). They doesn’t have a permanent address, they doesn’t care about a real estate. Because of that their lifestyle is like an eternal journey.

 We were invited by our friends from Coworking Bansko to participate at the first Coworking conference in Bulgaria. On this trip to the picturesque Bulgarian town of Bansko, we met Lulu Anderson from Boston. May be you are wondering who is she?


Lulu is a digital nomad.


 She doesn’t work in an office and she doesn’t have a permanent residence. Lulu doesn’t own a luxury car or yacht, but she travels around the world. Her journey started in Thailand, then she continued to the Philippines and even to Macedonia, where she has created her own co-living space. Her journey is called digital nomadism and it is her greatest passion. Lulu is blogging everything about her traveling experience. If you want you can read every single step of her at: In her blog, Lulu describes the digital nomadism as a “the way of owning yourself”, “the opportunity for don’t have a boss over your head.” The digital nomadism isn’t just a trip for her, but it is a chance to meet other interesting people and meet different cultures. Also you can rediscover yourself, while doing your job, of course.


 Lulu gives a straight answer to the question of who can be a digital nomad by one word – everyone. According to her, there is no right or wrong way to be a Digital Nomad.

 She describes herself as traveler who loves to explore different parts of the world. Working from а distance allows her to stay in different co-working spaces which offer her new and interesting benefits. For Example here favorite yoga classes.

 Other thing that Lulu likes to find in this places are helpful people. Every digital nomad needs help with booking different local services and of course – access to fast Internet connection. Lulu loves to meet new people with similar or different interests. It is a pleasure for her to spend her free time with other Digital Nomads or to communicate with the locals. Lulu says you can’t find any better way to unleash your creativity and imagination than exploring different cultures. According to her, you have to stay open for new friendships in this new experience.

 We are assume that you are familiar what is a co-working and co-living space, but let us mention that there are hundreds of them around the world. Besides the pleasant atmosphere there you can find a huge amount of job opportunities and interesting initiatives in which you can be involved. These spaces provide us an opportunity to learn new and important things for the world and ourselves.



 Lulu thinks that the Digital Nomadism allows her to participate in various interesting initiatives – charity or just for fun. Also She is in love with all kind of animals. Are you wondering how she is achieving all of this? Follow her important advice, don’t take a credit and never owe to credit institutions. Find your own way, to earn money which will allow you to continue your journey.

10 And here is a small part of her story called ” The Digital Nomading”:


 I’ve just hit my travel-versary, 365 days as a digital nomad and it’s been quite the adventure! I track every penny I spend and am currently averaging $31.17/day (travel, fun, food, wi-fi, lodging, life included) and have been to 13 counties (follow my finances here). That means that this fancy Digital Nomad Life is less than 25% of what my life cost in Boston last year ($146 daily).

Digital Nomad, who are we? It’s whatever you want it to be! There is no right or wrong way to nomad, but basically I think there are some pretty basic parameters and then there is a ton of room to play…

  • Travel the world (at whatever pace you like)
  • Work remotely: Mainly from your laptop – but this is where creativity comes in – want to stay free at a circus hostel? Offer some yoga lessons and help with check-ins (do minimal laptop work when you can)
  • Don’t go into debt, find a way to make enough money to keep the travel going
  • Find new people in whatever way you like – digital nomads, locals, A N Y O N E

 One of the coolest parts of this journey has been co-working and co-living spaces. These are hubs for startups, digital nomads, freelance workers, remote workers and more! My first was Dreamplex in Ho Chi Minh City, and I was hooked. When these spaces are done right they offer great wi-fi, a community, coffee, tea, and access to interesting social events. As a digital nomad you often need to create your own structure in your day because clients are in different time zones and meetings are way less frequent (non-existent?) than with an office job. These spaces create some structure and I can’t tell you how much it can charge you up to be around a group of brilliant minds who are plugging away at various projects!



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